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Dog Mama Owned, Of Course!

I'm Amanda, the founder of Bark Babes. My first obsession is my 4 adorable Chihuahuas named Chloe, Ellie, Haley and Bindi. Coming in second is my Icee obsession, but really, I love any kind of frozen beverage. Bring me one and we will be best friends.

I have a degree in graphic design and there was a need for really cute dog mom tees, and that's where I come in. I design all my tees myself and am really passionate about having the best products out there.

Here's what our repeat babes have to say :)

We Love Marbled Tees! But WHY?

Our Marble Tees are essential for any dog mom. They truly hide dog hair better than any other tee.

White shirts were my best friend when my dogs were only white, that is, until I got Haley, my mostly black rescue. I accepted the fact that I always looked covered in dog hair no matter what I wore until I found these marble tees. Not only are they luxuriously soft and lightweight but the marbling pattern helps to hide the hair. It's basically magic.